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Kapalign Business Process Consulting is a woman owned firm with an innovative and accessible approach to providing business process improvement services.

Our primary purpose is to assist small and mid-sized organizations in decreasing costs while preparing for and managing growth by instilling a process-driven perspective. We aim for quality improvement, efficiency gains and more positive customer experiences.

Are you tired of trying to find solutions to quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction concerns in workshops, books and conferences? Would you benefit from the perspective and expertise of an experienced professional consultant? Contact Kapalign today and we'll show you how we can get the job done quickly, well, and at a fraction of the cost you'd expect.


Picture of Gray Skies peeled to Blue Skies Expert guidance from Kapalign’s professional consultants yields valuable results with a demonstrable Return on Investment. Contact us now to conduct a complimentary Rapid Scope phone assessment and advice.

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How We Can Help

Kathryn Alexandrei Portrait We provide a customizable slate of services centered around Business Process Improvement for small business, non-profit organizations and government agencies that know they will benefit from outside guidance and support but find the long engagements and high cost of global consulting firms to be unsuitable. The real value of Business Process Improvement comes from gaining visibility and control of the way your business operates.

By applying best-in-class tools and methodologies, Kapalign gives business managers a view into how their processes unfold, identifying bottlenecks and discovering opportunities for optimal performance.

What is a Business Process?

Picture of flowchart A business process is a discrete series of activities or task steps that accomplishes a primary business objective. Taken together, your processes form the central nervous system that regulates every aspect of your enterprise from your customers' first point-of-contact with you to the delivery of the product or service you provide. Business processes that evolve without clear reference to your strategic goals tend toward high complexity and a lack of standardization that drains your resources unnecessarily. Business processes that are not periodically reassessed in response to your changing environment can develop numerous redundancies and other forms of waste. Kapalign Business Process Consulting can help you achieve operational alignment of people, processes, systems and your strategic plan.