Kapalign's Professional Services

Kapalign’s professional services are geared for organizations of all sizes and let you select the level of service that is best for you. It is our deep belief that every organization – large or small, for profit or non-profit, commercial or government – ought to be able to benefit from the application of business process improvement methodologies and the consulting support of seasoned experts. We invite you to review the services described in the following pages and contact us immediately to discuss how Kapalign can meet your unique needs. read more

Executive Services

road sign that points to results We provide a range of services designed purposefully for the leadership and executive teams within organizations. Our services to the executive team include:

  • on-demand workflow documentation for CEOs and other officers
  • strategic assessment
  • executive team training in and orientation to becoming a process-driven organization

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Process Improvement

street sign that says opportunity Kapalign’s Process Improvement services offer the most comprehensive approach to organizational change and typically yield the greatest return on investment. We help small and mid-sized organizations align their day to day systems and activities with their vision, mission, goals and strategic objectives. Whether your aim is to enhance the overall efficacy of your organization or to address specific operational issues, Kapalign Process Improvement services can be customized to suit your needs and budget. read more

Lean Office

Kapalign consultants can help you implement highly pragmatic solutions to your performance issues using Lean methodology. We offer Rapid Performance Improvement Initiatives, a Lean Intervention designed to address inefficiency and waste in administrative and service areas. Our intensive approach is designed for service, retail, government, non-profit and other non-manufacturing sectors that want to achieve 20-50% improvements in efficiency and productivity in a short period of time. read more