Process Lab

Kapalign’s Process Lab allows clients to satisfy immediate needs for workflow and business process documentation. Our process begins when you share:

  • old workflow models
  • digital snapshots of hand-drawn sketches
  • pictures of whiteboard workflows from recent meetings
  • policy and procedure documents and/or verbal instructions over the phone with us

Once we have what we need to get started, we transform your vision, procedures and instructions into a professional business process diagram and email you the results within 2 business days.

The Process Lab allows consultant and client to collaboratively modify and refine process documentation online until the result is accurate and appropriate to the need.

The Process Lab Benefits

  • The busy executive who wants to quickly and visually convey an idea or standard operating procedure
  • The manager who needs immediate help with training materials
  • The team that wants to analyze the current state of operations yet cannot model their workflow without the help of an expert
  • The organization that wants to respond to a complaint, quality issue or performance problem and needs an urgent response to the call for visibility

Once your workflow is documented, your team can take additional steps like planning, analysis, design, and implementation of improvements.

You can start mapping your processes for as little as $99

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